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Thanks all you guys for your input, very helpful and also encouraging.
I do agree that we should think of ourselves as one team and I also like to think of us (i.e. the whole congregation but in this case specifically the sound + worship teams) as a family who sometimes disagrees but gets on with it and has each others backs.

I am contemplating suggesting to look at the ME-1 in-ear system. I notice from the official publication that they say “ME-1 is the cornerstone of the ME Personal Mixing System and is ready to use with the Allen & Heath iLive and GLD series digital mixers” but they don’t include the QU series in this statement. Is this because the ME-1 brochure was published before the QU desk ?. Will it work just as well with our QU-24, I assume so but just want to be absolutely sure before I start suggesting this as a viable option. We still use the analogue multi-core cable (with XLR’S both ends) for our new QU-24 as they are all wirede and solidly connected to 6 total floor level stage boxes. But we also ran a CAT-5 cable down between desk and stage as backup, so I’m thinking we could use this as the SNAKE connection between QU-24 and the ME-1 monitor boxes. I like that each musician can select up to 16 channels (which is more than enough for our church worship needs) as our current Furman HR-6 in-ear system only allows 5 channels.