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Here’s what I’ve learned so far…I think.

Scenes are created/named at the console.

You can save them to a USB drive. If you look at the USB file on a computer you cannot re-order them. You can rename them but the names will not transfer back to the Qu intact. They hold on to their scene number.

But, if you create on the console and save them to a drive you can put them back to the console scene list in any order you like but you can’t insert them. They overwrite whatever was in the scene number/field before. You can create new scenes at the end of the console list and save them to the drive to then put them where you want them. Yes…in this process you have to reload the scene list or part of it every time you want to reorder your show.

Haven’t tried this yet… but I noticed that when you are recalling scenes in order, the “next” “previous” function skips over any scene number/field that is empty. Might be a good strategy to leave some blanks between scenes when you first setup your show scenes so you could “insert” them to an empty space.

Still, this process is tedious at best and a ridiculous way to try to manage 100 scenes.

Move & Insert Please !