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Right, the case has arrived.
Remember I don’t have a Qu-Pac – I want this for something else.

Not as heavy duty as other rack bags I’ve got but, as I never intend to throw it around or stack things on top of it, it should be fine. Slightly disappointed though. Seems to by 8mm ply sides, top & bottom, but there’s only a thin padding to the two lids. Mine was suppled with a generous 24 captive nuts & bolts fitted.

The position of the rails seems to be symmetrical, so front & back are the same.

Front rail to closed front lid = 20mm
Back rail to closed front lid = 240mm

So, off the shelf, no good for the Qu-Pac. But, the rails are each attached to the sides of the case by 4 small screws. I’m pretty sure that it would be no problem to just move the front rail back by 35mm, or whatever distance you deem necessary. What may be a problem is seeing the screen if it’s not close to your eye level though, as the top of it is going to be quite a long way back.

So, I think you could use this case for a Qu-Pac with only a little modification, but if it were me I think I’d spend a bit more to get something slightly stronger and with a bit more space to get at the front panel.