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I think all you guys at that church just need to have a ‘come to Jesus’ pow wow and decide just who you are playing for or trying to please. It is a common problem I have seen a lot. The exceptions are churches that have a media director or some such person who is the production coordinator for all things stage related. He sets the rules and agenda. I work with one church that has an incredible guy for this position. The worship leader bows to him. Everything must pass through him. He is very good. Very understanding. A musician himself. Plays guitar sometimes with the team. They have no amps on stage. Electronic drums with real cymbals. All players on IEMS. Praise singers on powered wedges. It works and sounds really good. Most times it is praise band with praise team and choir and on special occasions even orchestra. You can hear everything very nice.

I know all churches can’t do that but it is an example. It is a team effort. No one is a star unto himself.