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I recognise the challenge and my way of coping with it is to promise the band a multi track recording. I have some reference material that gives me room to explain that it will only result in good recordings if the band plays according to the (my) rules. All instruments micced, amps at the side and not to loud, amps micced, adjusting to the sound are made through the mixing table and not by turning on the volume of the guitar and/or amp of the guitar. I don’t always make it a succes but most of the time this approach, although not completely honest, will at least helps me to get the role I need to do the sound properly. The questions “do you want good sound in the venue (for you the church)” sometimes does miracles. I did the sound for a heavy metal band lately and I was very pleased that my gear survived 🙂 (although the sound was terrible and far above 100 dB) Loud back lines and drum kits are killing the overall sound in a not that big venue.