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You can’t go wrong either way. I just recently did a similar install at a large church multi-purpose room. QU-32/AR2412. They love it. With several operators it works well for them. This was right when 32 was coming out. We had to wait awhile. I loaned them my GLD-80 to get going. They feel the 32 is easier for them. Configurations are not a problem.

I have an install coming up soon in a youth auditorium in a new wing being built at a local church. I am using QU24/AR2412 for that. Most of my projects just don’t have larger budgets.

You’ll find that QU will do pretty much everything you want. If you do think you might need more inputs or want more console flexibility like iLive then consider GLD 80 or 112 with just about all features of iLive and maybe a few more. With the new reduced pricing they are a great value.

I love them. I think you would too.