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Thanks Bob
But yes on most accounts, I do put the monitors on chairs tilted bakwards towards musicians chest/head. That WL also puts his guitar amp on chair tilted back. We don’t mic the drums as loud enough as is (yes we can put behind screen and mic…considering that..).
It is a very historic church building and they like the old plasterwork walls so curtains probably not an option at mo.
I am the sound team leader and i have already discussed this with the main WL and he sent around email to the others WL’s and they opted for new stage monitors rather than get our in-ears fixed (there is cross channel fault in it).
I have already requested a meeting between myself, the main WL and the WL in question. Oh and we already talked before the service after the stand-off and we’re good (well sort of, at least we both said sorry and shook hands)