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You turn off the guitar amp – and mute the drums.

I presume it is micced up rather than DI’d
Can you turn it round – put it in front of the guitarist, firing up at their chest/face?

That will increase what they hear, and you might be able to get to the decorating committee to put some heavy curtains/banners behind the stage to soak the volume…

But really you need to sit down with the WL, or preferably whoever leads the WL’s first – and get them to understand that you are on the same team.

The purpose isn’t to provide a rock concert, nor is it to flatter the musicians, it’s to lead people to God. You won’t do that if all that can be heard is a mush of reflected stage noise.

We have converted to electric drums, and now DI the Bass as well. Guitar amps get put off to the side, pointed sideways, and they are micced and appropriate foldback is provided (we now have 5 foldback mixes available)

But none of that is possible without the tech team being an integral part of the worship team – you should be at the worship meetings, be guided by the leadership in that area. Of course you (or the tech lead) should also be strongly influential to that leadership.

You need to be part of a team, that requires relationship building, and trust. Maybe give the WLs an opportunity to stand by you and talk about what you are doing when doing a rehearsal for another band – then they can see what you are trying to accomplish. We’ve done that at a worship team meeting…