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The FX engines have limited compute capacity. They take one input and generate one output…

Decide what you are routing *to* the FX unit (either a channel a group or a mix) and where you want to route the output (either back into the channel/group (as an insert, where it affects everything that channel/group does) or into an FX return – these appear as virtual channels in the second layer of the QU. [note that groups are not available on the QU16]

Assuming you take it back to a return you can then route that return to each and any of the mixes available – so you can change the amount sent to FOH and all the mixes independently. The ‘normal’ way to route to an FX unit is to route ‘post fader’ and that means post fader on the FOH layer – therefore that level affects the input to (and output from) the FX unit – wherever that output is routed.

I suggest looking at the system diagram in the manual, and studying, not just reading, the FX section of the manual.