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I can see I am a bit late coming to this thread, but I, too, need 4 effect engines running in the QU-16.

Great description above on how to get that accomplished! I did the same, only I am using MIX3 and MIX4 as the ‘sends’.

My problem is, on any of the effect return mixes other than LR, the effected channel signals combine based on the 1-16 channel layer fader feed, not the actual monitor (MIX1, MIX2, etc) channel feeds. This means if I send all the vocals to, say, FX1 reverb on the 1-16 channel layer, then reduce 3 out of the 4 singers from, say, monitor 1 (MIX1) wedge but still want to send FX1 to MIX1, then MIX1 gets the full FX1 mix from all the singers. In other words, FX1 mix follows the 1-16 channel layer faders, not the MIX1 channel faders.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make the FX mixes feeding the MIX1 through MIX9-10 mixes, I would appreciate it!