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Thanks for your replies.
this post was following my feedback in the general discussion section.


Considering the number of outputs at the FOH, I set up a couple of network switches with different VLANs to send back the data for the extension out of the AR2412 from the stage to the FOH.
I’m using the slot for Dante recording.

For the Graphic EQ it’s possible to use a mix bus of course. But it could end up in having a lot of work reconfiguring everything if the need for the additional EQ wasn’t spotted right from the start. Inserting a GEQ or PEQ is just so much easier since you don’t have to mess around with matrices at the last minute. I work mostly with theater productions. Most of the time I don’t know the show and the touring sound technician doesn’t know the board… Quick fixes are much more preferable than rebuilding a complete mix. 🙂

You’re right about the gangs, but I regularly need more of them, many more!