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I was wondering if you could assign an AR2412 output to a ME-1 output digitally, but I guess not?

Nope, to do that you’d need to send the new mono or stereo mix created by an ME1 back up the same cat5 cable to the GLD. It would get especially difficult if you had multiple ME1s in the system, all wanting to send their unique 3 channels back to the GLD\iLive\Qu (somewhere on the A&H blog there’s an article about someone using 28x ME-1s at a time.) AFAIK the monitor bus on the GLD that feeds ME1s/avioms sends audio in one direction only.

To do what you’re wanting (feed a passive wedge from an ME1,) you’d have to go from the ME1 (analogue) output back to the amps. If you wanted more control you could go from the ME1 in/out of the GLD system (via console or AR, but there are extra AD/DA conversions + processing that may induce undesired latency) and if those are in the same rack as the amps you’re running the cable to almost the same position anyway, but either way you’d need to use the analogue output from the ME1. If you had an AR84 as a drop box at the drums this could be useful though. Another option would be to move the amp for the drummer’s wedge closer to the kit.

That said, you need to run cat5 from the AR to the Drummer’s ME1 anyway (or a couple of balanced cables from the AR to whatever headphone amp you end up buying, if not an ME1.) If you’re using passive wedges you’d need to run speaker cable from the amp to the wedge position as well, so there’s already 2 or three cables going from the drums to the amp rack, and that’s not including cables from whatever drum mics/e-drum brain you’re running from the drums to the AR. Getting the effect you want of an ME1 feeding a wedge (even though it is passive) only requires running 1x extra balanced cable going from the drum position to the rack alongside these pre-existing runs.

Perhaps just getting a normal headphone amp and an ipad if the drummer wants to mix himself could be a cheaper solution? Or just purchase ME-1 and an active wedge for the drummer.