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I’m interested in the QU-PAC aswell. I already own a QU16 which I love and with the latest firmware update the iPad app has really moved forward in terms of features.
However, some of the gigs I do have extremely small stages and floor space is really tight. My QU16 has narrowly escaped being stepped on a few times. Also, when my small van is fully loaded I can’t fit the QU16 in the back so it takes up the front passenger seat which isn’t ideal.
At the moment I’m mainly using the iPad app. The faders tend to only get used by musicians who like to go up to the desk and mix their individual IEM mixes. I also use the QU16 for occasional location classical recordings and having faders for this job are extremely quick and efficient to adjust mixes in the studio monitors.
I would need to sell the QU16 to fund the QU-PAC and I’m a little nervous with going faderless! Would the QU-PAC fit a rack bag? It would also be useful for the QU-PAC to have a wireless dongle for some of the small acoustic gigs I provide pa for. These gigs tend to be in very small venues with audiences of around 30-40 people and I would hope that a wifi dongle would be adequate and less clumsy on stage for these type of gigs?