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Dick Rees, thanks for posting. I made a kind of stupid mistake by assigning channels to the DCA using the app on my iPad, and leaving the faders down. Just tested it at home and, what seems to be pretty obvious, with channels assigned to a DCA and the faders down, there is no sound. Problem solved and lesson learned.


The problem when something like this happens is the emotional reaction (technically referred to as a “tizzy”) that ensues. With experience we learn to go directly into problem solving mode to “make it right” rather than “what went wrong”.

In this instance one must ask “what changed” and re-trace ones steps. I assume that you continued working with the iPad AFTER you had finished sound check and grouped things in DCA while finishing up.

I don’t usually encounter this scenario as I commonly just do line-checks and assign any DCA groupings once up and running. If I have such a glitch I ask myself, “What would a REAL engineer do?”