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Thats quiet an interesting idea as in my band we share lead vocals, then the one whose not singing lead vocals always harmonises.
The issue with this is that both vocals are at the same volume, so sometimes the (What should be quieter) harmony is as loud as the main vocal. As we’re mixing it ourselves we cant really adjust volumes up and down for each song, so this MIGHT kind of work.

The only issue is that I would have to walk over to the mixer after each change of lead vocals and turn the Ducker off/on for each of the two singers.

Unless someone can figure out a better way of doing it?

Again, NO.

As far as I can see, most if not all your troubles are coming from application or mis-application of “technical” solutions to performance problems. You need to STOP with the band-aids and get to the root of the problem:

You need to have all your mates and yourself learn how to play together without all the tech stuff before you can start using the gear to “enhance” and support a coherent performance. If the drummer is too loud, either have him play at an acceptable level or find someone who can. Same with the guitars, basses, whatever.

As to the lead/backing vocal stuff (especially with just two people), just do it right in the first place. Backing vocalist should know how to sing at a backing level.

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