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When recording or playing no EQ or filter is active. It is a midi track being played on a Tyros 4 and mixed out very well on a Tyros 4. When I record it straight to the Tascam, it sounds stays the same as the original. But I want to add some backing vocals and use it as a backing track played as wave or mp3 via the Tyros 4. So I use the Qu24 as a mixing console. Before I had this console, I used an old analog Midas mixing desk. With this analog console, when played back after recording the sound stayed the same as how the Tyros 4 sounds when played original. But now when recording with the digital Qu 24 it’s like the mixing desk cuts of all the depth. On the RTA you also can see the difference.

First someone told me there is too much of AD-DA conversion so I recorded via AES/Coax. No difference. All depth is gone when played back on the Tyros 4

I’m doing this for a long time and have a bit of experience so it’s not that I bought a Strad and don’t know how to play it.