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“So there you go….
BTW should I NOT be using gates on vocal mics?”


I had to add another reply as the “edit” function times out….

I fear what has happened as that you took MarkPAmans suggestion of using an Optogate and figured any gate would do. NOT SO!!!!

Even an Optogate presents problems in that, although it is activated by the physical presence of the vocalist, when the gated mic “slams” open (as is the nature of hard gates…nada to infinity instantly) you get a lot of ambient sound in a rush even though your physical presence may occlude PART of the sound.

ANY kind of gate in live vocal performance is generally a no-no. Things like this are meant for unattended presenters mics for speeches, church sermons, etc…NOT live sound on stage.

Dump the gates. Then you can start to work on the REAL problem(s).