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What goes in is perfect and sounds super with live work. But when recording it is like all depht is gone. Like there is a high pass filter active. I tried recording analog, digital, wave, mp3… With my old analog mixer I did hot have this problem. For recording I use a Tascam SS CDR200.

Where in the chain are you monitoring the signal and with what?

With live work you have room sound in addition to the PA sound, so naturally you’ll have more complex time arrivals which I think you are referring to as “depth”. If the inputs are good enough to do a decent live mix, one would expect them to be OK for other purposes.

What do your channels sound like at

1. Channel PFL in your headphones?

2. Recorded track played back through the board?

Live sound is like grilling a steak. Recorded sound is like trying to turn hamburger into steak…or the cow. It is different.

You’ve given some opinions and observations, but no real hard info to help assess whether or not there IS a problem and what might be done to alleviate it.

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