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“GBF”=Gain Before Feedback.

Knowing what DSP you have on each input/output is going to play a big part in what the forum can offer as possible solutions. What are your EQ settings for vocals? How much compression are you using on kick/snare/vocals/outputs? Can you upload your show file for QU users to inspect?

IMHO, if I were mixing from the stage, I would stay away from gates on everything but toms and possibly kick/snare. If your drummer plays softly or dynamically, gates are more trouble than they are worth. I would also make sure to only cut/compress content (e.g. cut frequencies vs. boosting frequencies, compress but do not use make-up gain, etc.). Without an extra set of ears at FOH, boosting/adding anything is risky. I would also use short delay and reverb with all FX returns EQ’d with a HPF around 250-350Hz and a LPF around 4-6kHz. That is where I would start.

Again, seeing your show file might reveal a completely unrelated issue that is causing feedback.