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If there is feedback, then what is feeding back?

That certianly is the million pound question.

I totally appreciate everyones responses and some interesting ideas have been knocked around which I will look into but this post was to help me find a tutor. That was why I didnt put much information in my initial post. We seem to be going off topic here.
I am still looking for a tutor local to Staffordshire.
Again, mnay thanks.

Given your other questions posted previously about counteracting guitar/drum bleed into vocal mics, your interest in gates and your statement that “I’m currently depressed with my very basic skills as a sound engineer and after one too many gigs with ridiculous feedback coming through vocal mics the second the drummer plays anything”, I’m pretty sure you’re using gates on the mics and when the drums open them up you are faced with the fact that your entire setup is out of adjustment from the git-go.

I understand if you don’t want to post the info that would expose the weaknesses in your setup/knowledge, but hey…isn’t that what we’re here for…to share our experience and insights with one another? No need to be embarrassed about it.

If and when you find local help, look for basic system setup knowledge. While the Qu is an integral part of the system and incorporates many of the tools necessary for FINE TUNING, it is not within the scope of the desk itself to address issues of speaker deployment and DSP. It is this knowledge I recommend you seek.

Good luck and don’t buy the magic beans…