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Hi Coffee_king,

Hope you can find some helpful training. We all started somewhere. I think you might benefit most from talking with another musician who mixes from stage. There are some techniques I would teach if mixing from FOH that would not apply to stage mixing. I encourage engineers to build a dynamic mix…but that takes constant attention and periodic adjustment. I assume you have to mix from stage without all of the “information” and thus more conservatively. I’m not comfortable with this approach, but I understand the necessity. I think some speak poorly of this approach because there are many features on a desk like the QU series you just need to ignore because of the possible issues that would arise. Seems wasteful to some…but there are still quite a few benefits to using a QU as a musician-mixer (app control, built in processing, scenes, etc).

Hope you can find someone with similar experience who has success mixing from stage. It’s not my area of expertise (and probably the same for many opinionated members on this forum). Good luck!