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Mark Oakley

I like the look, although I also liked the purple/black motif of the original. It makes the GLD look a bit like the Midas M32.

I’m more concerned with the 1.5 software update. As an iLive owner, it now seems that the GLD in many ways surpasses the iLive; not in channel count, but certainly in the more numerous and varied effects, screen graphics (compressor models) and also the new Automated Mic Mixer. I plan to add a Waves Soundgrid setup to my iLve, and would gladly spend $750.00 (US) to have the Duggan Automixer for corporate or theatrical use. It seems now the GLD users get a similar product for free.

In the last several months we’ve see major software upgrades for the QU and GLD series. The code for these new features has already been written. It strikes me as wrong that the flagship should be lacking what the lesser models already have. Can Nicola give us any hints about upcoming plans for the iLive?