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Ok Thanks Andreas
I have yet to buy another iPad and need to make sure I am investing in the future proofing equipment ‘as much as possible.’
I think I am really just sussing out to see if there are any complications “before” investing.
It would be great to see some sort of video clip showing multiple iPads simultaneously working and what exactly I can do with this?
From memory MarkPA said he was using 2 iPads.
So does this mean I can have 1 iPad showing xyz data and another where I can go for a wonder and adjust delay speakers?
OR a guy onstage adjusting monitors and another iPad adjusting delay speakers?
I have invested heavily with 6 QU units with AR’s and watched all the other brands video clips… using Windows 8

NO ‘sledging’ as the Australians put it. 🙂
Looking for some-one else that is doing or using multiple iPads
(no Tyre kickers)