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More and more I am hearing of and seeing situations where musicians are dictating to engineers. It has gotten much worse since everyone now thinks they are music mixers. Didn’t used to be that way. Everyone did their job and left everyone else alone. Now everyone is an expert on sound. In some cases it has gotten bad. I was visiting a church last week to evaluate for some FOH upgrades. I asked the engineer why the lead guitar was so loud. Too loud. Guitarist happens to be the Pastor. He said the Pastor told him to not touch the fader. He would adjust his level from the stage. I told him to turn it down. He wouldn’t. Was afraid he might get in trouble. I told him that was ridiculous. Pastor is just trying to be the star. I would never agree to that.

My point is it is a touchy area. Most players think the engineers don’t know what they are doing. In many cases especially in churches they don’t but nevertheless people need to stick to their job. Let others do theirs.