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yesterday I bought myself an airport express. Great deal (85 €). I tried it immediatly. Airplay is awesome. I love it.
My only problem is my tsr-jack cable. I only have one stereo cable in that size, so I tried it. The problem is, if I plug in the cable totally into the st3 input, I only hear the music at one side. If I do not plug in the whole jack, it is ok and coming out of all the two speakers. There might be a stereo problem?? I didn’t know that there are different cables in that size. What kind of cable do I have to use?

2nd question:
Is it possible to route the QU-Drive to the st2 output? Because with the st3 Output I can switch (and read) the QU-Drive, it is not the same with the st2. If I choose the USB, I only see x at the output.

Greetings from Germany (and sorry for the english)