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I’m not commited to any brand, that is somthing ridiculous to say the least. And also includes Soundcraft, of course. The initial setup of the mixer might be easier on a Qu. But that was not my point.
Someone here had the argument of not wanting to hear about other brands because he’s “commited” to A&H. That must be kind of an intimate love relationship with gear… You must be very blinded by such a “commitment” in order to not be able or to not want to see what is good in other “brands”.

The UI of an Expression or of a Performer is better designed than the one of the Qu (and more expensive, for sure). I think that can’t be talked away. If you are willing to accept that you might be willing to accept that some ideas from others might be good too, and then try to implement them. Like is being asked for in this thread.

Btw: I own and use a Qu mixer.