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I just read this thread because I have the same problem with the “Qu” mixers. It’s not possible to have overviews of almost anything. The “audio interrogate” function from Soundcraft is really useful and is what this thread is about.

How can any sane adult person be “commited” to a brand? I don’t get it. Look at the Soundcraft Expression of Performer mixers if you want to know what a good UI is. Compared to that, the Qu mixers lack really badly. All mixes, FX and LR knobs in blue?!? Why not make the mix knobs fully lighten up like the HPF of EQ knobs? Why not different colors for LR, FX and “mixes” so that you can easier see what you’re working on? And the whole mixer UI in black?!? Really?!? Was the X32 the reference for that? Why not group things together visually with different colors for the different sections? Why not put bigger or different knobs for so important things like mixes and layers? Instead: two unlighted oval grey knobs for the layers…

You want to know how good a mixer’s UI can get these days? Take a look at an Expression or Performer. Maybe you will then rethink the childish concept of being “commited” to a brand. Commit to your wife and kids, yes. But to a brand? Sorry, what a nonsense.