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I have just tried with my desk connected to the AR2412 and it all works as it should, tried it with different scenes and it still works.

When i try it with the AR2412 disconnected, some of my channels do not work locally with a mic, each time i reboot my desk different channels work/do not work.

I have since found another quick fix.

With the AR2412 disconnected, If i press the setup button then select I/O Patch, then select dSNAKE In, all channels show N/C (which they should as no dSNAKE is connected), if input 3 is not working, i then change the input to a channel number that works(input 4), click apply, then input 3 starts working as it should and input 4 still works as it should.

It would seem that it is a patching issue as sudgested by Spyra.