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Yep. p53-p55 of the manual explain it. There are 3 options.

1: Global filter. This allows you to select which kind of settings will or won’t be allowed to change when any of the 100 scenes are recalled. If you change output>processing>mix from “allow” to “block,” this would stop your output processing on mix1-10 (which would include the geqs, along with the peq, compa and delay) from being changed when any scene is recalled.

2: Safes. This allows you to make all the processing on a particular channel or mix “safe” (protected) from being changed during a scene recall. You could “safe” mix1-10, and that would stop your geqs on those outputs being changed. While it would stop the geqs from changing, it also safes the send levels from channels, which may not be ideal for your application.

3: Recall filter. Same as a global filter, but instead of apply to all scenes, it’s configured on a per-scene basis. Unless there are some scenes whose recall you *do* want to change geq settings, you’d have to configure the filter on each and every of the 100 scenes to block geq (grouped as “output processing,” it’s more granular on the GLD) recall. This would be quite tedious. In this case it would be a lot easier to use the global filter.