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Yes Bob agreed. study is the answer
My thoughts…
To set a soft key so that you can visually see what channels have phantom on would be a plus.
And then to be able to select instantly [via depressing channel strip whilst holding down that programmed softkey] what channel requires phantom would be even better!
Off course as a QU owner/user has to select a soft key to do this function, so as I see this, only users whom have read the manual know what this is about anyhow.
This would be a leap forward to making this series of A & H mixers outstanding.
“a soft key to ‘show’ what channels are phantom’d”
and to be able to phantom or de-phantom at the touch of a channel!?
bit of a rave there huh?
[anything to get rid of pops and clicks]

And to add to this… whilst holding down that ‘soft key’ if you depress ‘RESET button’ it turns all phantom OFF on every channel.

word of the week ‘de-phantom’ ‘phantom’d phantomed ?