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Hey Rob,
Like Bob said, a lot of that stuff you might not need once the gig is up and running. I’ve just sold my DL and my Qu-pac is en-route to me. If it sounds, as I expect it will, like my Qu24, I will have no regrets selling my DL. It was a great little mixer but non tech guys and I could hear a whole new level of clarity when using the 24 instead of it.
I ordered the pac before v1.7 came out and was a bit worried about depending on qu-pad.
Not now!!
The upgraded qu-pad app is just what was needed.
The guys at A&H have answered a lot of our requests, there may well be more to come!?
There’s a lot of stuff there that Master Fader never offered, good as it was for me.
Not particularly impressed with the Behringer apps, don’t know if they have that level of detail either and that would also involve buying their stuff………