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Nope.. I’ve been searching everywhere…

I’ve been posting this everywhere.. I’m using Studio one by presonus which I’m just about ready to give up on….

I need some help with device control on my new QU24 by allen and heath. I’ve set up a new keyboard external device and so far (the easy part) I’ve got my faders moving. I’m looking to get things like pan, gates, eq, mutes etc working controlled via MIDI. On learn mode when I move the pan knob I get this in the XML file….
-<Control title=”Control25″ options=”receive public” type=”knob” name=”controlb0063″>
<MidiMessage address=”#63″ channel=”0″ status=”#B0″/>
-<Control title=”Control26″ options=”receive public” type=”knob” name=”controlb0062″>
<MidiMessage address=”#62″ channel=”0″ status=”#B0″/>
-<Control title=”Control27″ options=”receive public” type=”knob” name=”controlb0006″>
<MidiMessage address=”#6″ channel=”0″ status=”#B0″/>
-<Control title=”Control28″ options=”receive public” type=”knob” name=”controlb0026″>
<MidiMessage address=”#26″ channel=”0″ status=”#B0″/>

THIS makes since considering A&H midi protocol documents say this…
BN, 63, CH, BN, 62, ID, BN, 06, VA BN, 26, VX

(NRPN MSB) BN, 63, CH, (NRPN LSB) BN, 62, 16, (Data MSB) BN, 06, VA (Data LSB) BN, 26, VX
Where VA Full Left = 00 to Centre = 25 to Full Right = 4A
VX 04 , 05, 06, 07 = Mix 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, LR
VX 0C, 0D = MTX1-2, 3-4 (not Qu-16)

In fact any knob other than the faders I use seem to use these 4 variables.. just different numbers..I can’t find any documentation on this and no support is coming from the forums..

Can anyone give some hints as to how I can rewrite the xml file to only read the pan knob and not all 4 variables? I’m no programmer! Hopefully I can compile an xml file that can be distributed for other A&H QU users..

— Nobody has a clue that I can find..