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I have to say I have been extremely impressed with all the feature’s that have been added to the QU16 and QU-PAD over the past year or so. My wish list was :-

Feature Requests

1/ Full controls of all FX and parameters (essential)
2/ Load and Save Scenes and Shows (essential)
3/ Sliders to control each parameter of the PEQ! (essential)
4/ Have a Meters tab underneath the CH, Gate, PEQ and Compressor tabs to be able to view all I/O meters. I love the way the I/O meters are displayed at the top of the Behringer X32-Mix app and would be great to be able to choose to view these! (essential)
5/ SoftKeys (essential)
6/ Signal Generator (essential)
7/ When iPad is rotated to portrait view the complete channel strip showing full Channel, Gate, PEQ and Compressor to be displayed on one page like the Presonus StudioLive Remote app.
8/ To be able to draw a quick rough eq curve in the GEQ by dragging finger across the bands.
9/ Talkback
10/ QU-Drive controls

As you can see a lot of these important features have been added and obviously I was not alone in wanting these capabilities on the iPad! I have to say I don’t feel anything is essentially missing but would still be great to have :-

1/ The ability to assign soft key functions from the iPad
2/ Channel linking from iPad
3/ Individual channel colour customisation

Would also be great to have some of the features on my original list ( Signal Generator from iPad, talkback and to be able to draw a freehand eq curve in the GEQ). However, the QU-PAD has become so much more useable with the 1.7 update.

Great work Allen & Heath!