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iDR 16 Sold….

Updated list available:
Allen & Heath iLIVE-T 112 Control Surface & Road Case… $6360.00
Allen & Heath iLIVE-T 80 Control Surface & Road Case… $5465.00
Allen & Heath iLive iDR-48 Mix rack… $3450.00

Prices include PayPal fees. But does not include freight. All components are 100% functional. The A&H units are in great cosmetic shape and the road cases are solid but do have some signs of use.

Both surfaces were recently sent back for a new frame because of a cosmetic defect. They now have the new generation frame. They were serviced by A&H (AM&S) and are like new. Both surfaces come with dust covers.

Email me with any questions: clarocque {-at-} AudionX {-dot / com-}