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Im using the custom ;layer as we do to maintain one layer surface on QU32
However I have lost 6 channel strips. Fair enough!
I thought ahhh.
I’ll get just reprogram the system to get the ST1 2 and 3 maybe to come down the line.
ahha na… cant do that. There is no provision to do that and besides, then I am getting away from the “one layer mind set”
So I have ended up with 26 mic channels
ahhh “analogue snake into ST1 & 2” (yes I said those words! ANALOGUE SNAKE)
This is just ‘in case scenario’ for maybe keys or something…
Can not phantom power ST1 & 2 . Damn!

So I though ok for house music I’ll play my mac back through USB streaming into ST3. Easy as…
ahha Na cant do that.
There is no way of assigning output into USB B streaming
Or have I missed something there?

And to think people/punters.. event coordinators think we just turn up and …..