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Wait, I don’t think the different hardware configurations should pose a problem for Android, there’s really only 3 chipset manufacturers: Qualcomm, Samsung and Mediatek.
There’s an 18 yo boy who has developed (in his free time between uni work) an Android app for the Behringer X32, an app which has been highly regarded, so much so that he has received support from Behringer and they have put a link to his app on their X32 homepage. I personally use it with my X32 compact and I think it is functionally much more advanced than the official iOS Mix app and has no stability issues. Thought I would mention that. If a team of one, can make a FANTASTIC app for the X32 then why can’t A&H figure it out? Would be good to see a similar case with the A&H Qu desk as I am interested in one.

This young man surely doesn’t have “a multitude of devices” to test either but reviews on the Play Store seem to show that it works across devices.