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I’ve noticed the ST3 and QU Drive buzz periodically. It’s not great but not a deal killer.

I unplugged both the ST3 MP3 player and the QDrive that was recording the show to eliminate them as possibilities.

We also shut down the router, (unplugged it), and the Ipad was turned off. When the static bursts continued, I plugged back in to regain remote access to the board.

I used the Ipad Qu-pad app with our own Apple private network – see pic – bottom of the cabinet.

Didn’t check the RF spectra….that’s beyond me.

There were a lot of power bars on stage. I’d like to see the band pay more attention to what should be plugged in directly to the mains and what can easily be channeled thru extensions and power bars. You know what it’s like when everyone is independently setting up their stage gear. It’s like herding cats….

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