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A similar issue happened for us on March 20th 2015.

The AB168 worked perfectly at the home studio. We took it to the show, set it up and the QU16 desk could not “see” any of the active 12 inputs. We tried the back up Ethernet cable, (roughly) 40 feet, and nothing. The “ready” light would not go on.

I was able to play back 16 track recording through the unit from the QDrive through the box though. Just no signal from the stage. Nada.

With 60 minutes prior to show time, we made the decision to relocate the QU16 to the stage and manage sound via the Ipad App, learning this on the fly.

When the unit came home, I tried to recreate the issue, using the same preset scene with all the appropriate inputs, and it worked fine.

I am a little suspicious that the unit was plugged into a power bar, whereas before, it has always been plugged into mains. That is the only change I can think of.

At the price paid, the unit needs to be bulletproof and the band needs to have confidence that the equipment will work. It is NO FUN having to change a stage 60 minutes prior to a gig.