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Hi guys, and thanks.
Mobile Data is on.
QU-24 Does NOT show up in the connection list. Glad you mentioned that, because I thought it should. It’s not there.
I’ve tried 2 new ethernet cables as well. I get a yellow light on the rear of the QU. Does that not indicate a connection? Or should it turn green or something?

Well, I pretty much turned on the mixer first, then the router. Is that out of order? Normally, I would power up the modem, then the router so I followed the same order. I’ll try the other way.

When I first setup the router out of the box, i went to the router setup URL ( and named it and assigned a simple passcode. Here is the funny part: When I connected it to my laptop it was looking for an internet connection and did’n t want to let me past that initial screen. It wanted me to connect to my modem. Obviously I’m not using it for an internet connection, so I disconnected it and plugged it into the QU 24. It then let me proceed forward with naming and password setup. Did I make a mistake there? This is a nice dual band 2.5/5Ghz router, and I’m in the same small room with it. I can’t imagine I would need a $200-$300 router like an apple just to run an iphone app…

Maybe I need to try configuring the router again… but I really don’t know what else to do on that end…. I though the DHCP more or less took care of all of that.