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Its a year since my last time using 3xQU 16s’ side by side.

I have the same multiband line ups where I require full mic up of complete band including probably 3 brass and 3 acoustic guitars with DI’s and congas elec GTR double key.
6 vox. Maybe I can do skul-dugary and squeeze it into 26 channels?
I like surface area with subgroups on top and also reverbs and tap delay fader all on one surface. (just like the big guys do with their huge Midas desks at WOMAD
I have planned out the track chart and have 6 fader strips left for groups and EFX.
The like the idea of an outboard controller (BFC2000) would be great to control non mic inputs!
There are always surprises where someone will want something else plugged in! with no more channels to spare, I do have the 3 stereo returns but can not access them from and AR box from the channels I sacrificed to get my subgroups and EFX returns, unless I run an analog multi-core into the ST 1&2 inputs.
“an input patch bay system would help’?

So from your original Post about Using a BCF with a QU
No others have come forward for discussion?