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Hi Joe,

Dragging and dropping in the strip assign screen doesn’t change anything to do with actual signal routing, it just changes where stuff physically appears on the surface.

The preamps, audio channels and fader strips are all entirely separate things. “Input 15” in this case is referring to the audio channel the vocal is on. It’s getting its signal from a different preamp but it’s still channel 15, so that’s what it displays.

When you select the channel it gives you access to the settings for the preamp that is patched to that channel, but it’s not part of the channel as such.

If you set up your alt view button to show “Socket ID” it will show you the preamp number instead.

I’ve just tried to sort this out with scenes but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ll leave it below in case someone can see what I’m doing wrong.

If you want to recall your original preamp settings go to your previous setup and store a scene, name it “preamp settings”. Go into the recall filter for that scene and hit “block all” then (still in the recall filter page) go to the input tab and hit the “preamp” header to unblock that from recall. The preamp part in this case refers to the settings of the preamp for that channel, regardless of which preamp may be patched there. The part that remembers which preamp was patched to which channel is called “patchbay” under the “others” tab, but you’re leaving this blocked. Make your patching changes and then recall that scene to reset the preamp settings back to what they were.

The above doesn’t actually work. I was trying to do what Sheldon Radford describes a few posts down here:

Different console obviously, but shouldn’t this work? (It’s entirely possible that it does work and I’ve missed something…)

For now Joe I’d recommend you do “analog scene recall” where you take a pen and write down the gain, 48V, pad, trim etc for each channel and then manually change it once you’ve changed the patch.