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Thats interesting you talk about using a BCF
I came within a nats whisker of buying one to use with my mac book pro to control faders and the like within Reaper however that was with my GSR24M desk.
I suddenly realised that I already had a midi controller being the QU16. So I used that solely as a midi controller via ethernet into Mac Book Pro.
Of course I use QU16 for jobs as well.

And now that you mention a fader bank… YES maybe that would be a great piece of apparatus for the QuPac?
I think we discussed before about using an out=board fader bank scenario? One of A&H PL10? but from memory after asking an installer here in NZ that is a dumb unit and only for the IDR system?
I could be wrong there?
I spent all day working on a QU32 custom layer yesterday designing what faders I want where, to do what for some live shows I have coming up.
And came to the conclusion: why dont they (A&H) make a 40 channel surface with only 30 inputs. The rest as programable faders? (I heard the dsnake is capable of 40 channels)
Any how I deviated from your original post.
I experimented for a few days with QU16 and mac(USB-B) and iPad
The audio is passed both ways in the USB-b port (when USB is set to insert) I couldn’t get any audio out of the Net work port but definitely get midi commands both in/out into my MacBookPro (via ethernet) at the same time as audio in/out of USB-B port