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Yes you have the idea – The two input patch scenes can be applied to any other scene you ever make or store to do your virtual soundcheck. So you can make changes in playback mode to a main scene and store as you go – then when you want to go back to Live inputs just recall your “Normal” patch scene and then update your main scene with the live inputs.
In your outputs/Dante tab you can decide what to output to each Dante channel so you could make Normal/Dante patch scenes for each of your two main scene setups. Normally you would select “mixrack inputs” and patch 1:1 i.e Dante ch1 = mixrack input A-1 , Dante Ch2 = A-2 etc. With your different main scenes you have options – you could change the output “Patch” to Dante channels (you would need to also change the input patch in Mixer Preferences “quick input Sourse Setup”), or you could have Dante controller patches that assign correct channels to your recording software, or you could have patches in your recording software/ or simply only record arm the tracks you need (so unpatched tracks don’t record blank tracks). As you can see there are a number of ways to do the patching (within iLive, in Dante controller, or in recording Software). For me I prefer to keep Dante patched 1:1 and if I have unused mixrack inputs then I would simply unarm those tracks (and hide them) in my DAW (Logic). In your case you could have two recording templates in your DAW that match the tracks that need to record. Of course you need to have your DAW setup to output each track to the same channel as it’s input channel Track 1 = Dante Input 1 and Outputs to Dante ch 1, Track 2/Input 2/Output 2 etc.
Happy patching!