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-I’d like a stereo to mix function so that when setting up delays and fills I don’t have to make a million post fade auxes per channel and one by one.

Stereo to mix has been well discussed elsewhere, adding your voice to those might make more sense (or use a stereo input as an analogue loop 😉

-global per aux pre/ post fade switch.

global post/pre – If you hold the layer button then you can run your finger along and toggle all of the “select” switches… it would be nice though I agree.

-I’d also like a icon on the screen showing what layer I’m on. Especially outside in the sun it takes a second to see where I’m at.

Meh – Not sure the screen is that much more visible than the LEDs is it?

-mp3 playback for player

MP3 won’t happen – licensing and processing. ST3 is there for MP3 players…

-automixer (cheaper behringer is supposed to have it in an update.

What do you want in an automixer?

-pc/android editor

Again – plenty of threads for this (or a mac version) already. Even an option to export show files from the iPad would be nice…

-input patching that Is not 1 to 1 especially for usb playback

1 to 1 patching is a signature of the QU – you can rename your tracks to move them around, or just use the custom layer on the surface.

-channel overview screen with panning and stereo asignemnts

section 6.9 of the manual?

-aux pan fallow foh pan

Optional at best – for in ears it may need to be totally different

-app sensation mode or full screen faders

I’d rather have two banks, but I can understand where you’re coming from. I’m still thinking that a remote surface would be better.

-more soft keys on app

More? Any?

-direct play of files on soft key

Meh, you probably looking for better timing than you’d get off this.

-allmost console features on app. (Like yamaha and begringer)


-selective copy and paste function

Example? The copy/paste is already selective, it depends what button you press with copy…

-lock for input patch on channel screen

Preamps can be “safed”, but not source safe only.

-larger meters on screen

That’s what the iPad is for 😉

-streaming of que to ipad via wifi and through headphone jack even if there is latency and is compressed … I wish, then console really could be left backstage. But this is proably wishful thinking

I leave mine on stage – UHF IEMs for me…
Or of course just plug a laptop in, that can stream it via MP3 to your iPad – the latency will drive you mad though…

-more accuracy then 1db on aux send screen

Accuracy depends on the fader position – at low levels it is well over 1dB, between -10 and 10 it is finer…

-any possibility of a silent power on and off? The pop is not ideal. In a rental company having to power down the entire system first takes valuable time. However I think this is hardware related.

Why are you rebooting the mixer?
Simply mute the next item on the chain if you are really concerned about time and noise.

-stage box makes desk bigger. As stage boxes are expensive it would be awesome to have the desk become larger. Even if processing only allowed for 8 more. If processing really is an issue then remove qu drive in in higher channel counts

The box has DSP for a specific number of channels. THe QU-Pac is extended by stageboxes… I suppose there is no reason that they couldn’t release a QU16+ with “Grow with stage box” option – but they’d need to add at least another one or two layers, which moves away from the core value of the QU series.