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I have been a location sound mixer for TV for 40+ years. A friend introduced me to a Big Band playing once a month in West London and after a while I started operating their PA. The band’s PA was inadequate so I bought the QU16, the first digital desk I have owned, and some active speakers.
Elsewhere on this Forum you may find that I am having a bit of trouble with the room, the loudness of the band (103dB on my noise meter) and a vocalist who struggles to hear herself and the audience only hears if they are sitting near a FOH speaker.

My Son plays in a couple of bands and composes, Wife and Daughter both teach and are active musicians also. I play with the faders and try to produce a musical result.

In spite of the above I enjoy working with musicians and conveying the result to an audience. I appreciate I have much to learn and find that is stimulating. The show must go on – even when someone spills beer down the mixer and horrible noises and smoke emerge from the speakers! A previous mixer thank goodness, I spotted the QU16 when shopping for a direct replacement to the Mackie I was using on the fateful night and could not resist taking it home.