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Thanks for the clarification cornelius78, I think that next time I am in that awful room I will use the PEQ to notch out the primary offending howls and use the GEQ to deal with the rest of the offending frequencies. I think I took out about 6 or 8, rolled off the bass and ever so carefully edged up the level during the performance to establish the max loudness possible. It was nearly enough, pushing the level even further, the room became very lively like I had added some sort of reverb and I backed off from that a tad. My first PA job and I nearly wished I had not volunteered! Perhaps it is a good case for the automatic howl suppression kit.
I was somewhat vague in my previous post about the iPad app. It is called FFT Plot and gives a graphic showing the entire frequency analysis of what is going on in the room including the value of the loudest frequency, ie. the howl but it does not have to be loud enough to offend the ear as you can see the ringing develop before the full blown howl develops.