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You have three options:

Insert: “Inserts” the fx into the channel’s signal chain at the insert point (post preamp + pol inv, pre-everything else.) This builds the reverb into the channel’s sound, so everywhere that channel is routed (monitors, FOH, etc.) you hear that reverb. You get a wet-dry control to balance the levels.

Channel-Return: Taps the channel at the DO point and feeds an fx engine, when then has it’s own dedicated return. You can then route that return to whichever mixes at whichever levels you want. You can mix the dry signal from the channel with the wet return at different levels in different mixes.

Mix-Return: Adds the channel to a bus (typically post-fader.) The bus then feeds an fx engine (which you’d set up as a reverb) which then has it’s own return you can route wherever you want, as above. This one is typically used when you want to add more than one signal to an fx processor (eg all your backing vox; BVs all feed the bus which sums them, bus then feeds the fx engine, wet fx return feeds LR at whatever level sounds good, along with the dry bv channels.)