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In 40 years of servicing this industry I have never damaged any microphones’ from plugging into live phantom or damaged speakers.
Had the usual pops… ghastly of course.
And always noticed the better quality more expensive desks seems to diminish that problem.
The turning on/off of phantom per channel is slower than analogue desks but maybe that’s a blessing?
Gives you time to look and think… o’ oh, that’s the wrong channel I’m in?
before switching on/off.
These days I tend to leave that to my monitor engineer as he/she is right at the stage.
I don’t see the need on 24 channel desks upwards the requirement for global phantom switching. Maybe as an option on a Tab somewhere?
And 16 channel desks in a small studio environment would surely want to control what is phantom powered. ?
There are always exceptions to every rule!