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I’m with you, still wondering about the what for… My only serious idea is, that you own a Qu* and a QuPac but not an AR/AB to use the QuPac as a (sort of overpowered yet) small stagebox…

What probably makes much more sense is using a Qu* as a remote surface for the QuPac. Something like a low-cost iLive+MixRack…

…or some less serious arguments:
– AR does neither have a touch LCD nor soft buttons
– need a stagebox with connectors inside the case
– don’t need the expansion port of the AR
– can’t afford an iPad and want to make the monitor sound on stage
– yellow blinking to indicate good connection still makes me nervous (with the QuPac its hidden inside the case)…
– it just has to work, if it makes sense or not

…sorry, couldn’t resist.. 😉