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Argh, just happened to me on my 3rd time out with my AB168+Qu-24. Swapped out Ethernet cable, rebooted everything. Brought everything home and reset the firmware, as everyone above, but to no avail. Used the
ab168 for outputs, which worked fine, but had to create a 16 line snake with lots of connected XLR cables. Had exactly *1* left in the hamper when all connected. Fortunately got to the gig 4 hours early or this would have been really bad. I have a couple weeks before the next show when the ab168 is essential, but really never want to have this happen again. I use the AB168 plugged into a Furman, so it not have seen any spikes at any time. Odd that it doesn’t have an on/off switch though, as turning things on/off via plugging is often a bit dicey. And, of more concern, is the replacement board also likely to fail at some point in the future or is this now a fixed problem? Never want to have to do that again.